Are our Google Reviews suss or fake?

Written by Arron

So lately a couple of people have asked me or rather told me… “Your reviews are a little ‘suss’.”
followed by “Why do you have so many?” and “How are they so good?” and then in a final Columbo gotcha moment… “Well then why don’t you have any on Facebook?


Q. Why do you have so many?
Yes, we do have a lot of reviews. As such, we attract people who read the reviews that other folk have written about our services. These are often the same people who then write reviews for us. We do not pay or employ people to write reviews for us, we never EVER have.

Q. How are they so good and why are they mostly 5 star?
Gonstead Chiropractic works and we are good at it.

Q. Why don’t we have any on Facebook? Once upon a time, we did. The Australian health care provider watch dog, AHPRA, told us we had to take them down and remove the ability to write them as this conflicts with how we are allowed to advertise. We can’t use testimonials and so many reviews pretty much are just that. It was painful deleting so many lovely reviews and stories but we complied. We don’t even have a word on our website showcasing the lovely things people say to us.

Google reviews can not be turned off. Poor reviews on google can not be edited or deleted but Facebook ones can be which makes them a little less reliable.

We are the “real deal.” As of today, 227 people say so (one of them is my young son so that only half counts.) Give us a call and see what you think. Hopefully, you will write a 5 star review and make it 228!

Until next time, take care
Dr Arron Forrester

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