Why are you guys not preferred providers for Health Insurers?

Written by Arron

Just a quick little update but an important one.

I have been asked this by a few patients recently. They have had a less than great experience at another chiropractors office, found us due to a recommendation from a friend or our online reviews, had a great experience and got better! This has made them wonder why their private health fund did not have us a “preferred provider” or “preferred partner” given we could get the results.

So I want to add some clarity if I may. Being a “preferred “provider” has nothing to do with practitioner skill, experience or technique. When I first started in practice, I assumed becoming a “preferred provider” would be awesome and I called (Emailing was weird back then, we’ve been around a while.) a health insurer to find out what I had to do to become one. Needless to say, I was a little deflated to find that I just had to apply and that my boss would have to accept a pay cut.

A “preferred provider” relationship is a financial arrangement between a private health provider and a practitioner or practice. The private health company recommends the practice or practitioner by listing them as “preferred” and the practitioner must typically charge the private health company a different fee, usually less than the usual fee for that service. It sounds dirty but it is essentially very cheap advertising to acquire a patient.

At Belmont Chiropractic, we focus on results in order to generate leads on more people to help. It seems to be working and is probably why you are reading this. Come check us out and see why we are the “preferred provider” for so many people in WA.

Take care folks,
Dr Arron Forrester.

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