What’s involved in a typical Gonstead Chiropractic Visit?

Written by Arron

So what is it Gonstead? How is it different?

Many people learned about Gonstead chiropractic through viral videos showing people receiving Gonstead Chiropractic and enjoying dramatic improvements in mobility, pain and function.


Good news! Belmont Chiropractic is doing this same cool stuff.

Gonstead chiropractors identify issues in the spine that interfere with the proper functions of the nerves. We find these spinal issues using our hands, a few tests, x-rays, as well as a device called the nervoscope.

What does a Gonstead Chiropractic appointment involve?

Gonstead appointment Part 1: Assessment of your spinal issue

  • The visit starts with a visual analysis of the spine and then by running the nervoscope up and down your spine to pick up on subtle changes in skin temperature which indicates an issue nearby. This does not work well on the skin of babies or super old people. This happens the same on every visit.
  • Then, using our fingers we feel the indicated areas to evaluate joint movement as well as get a feel for any local swelling.
  • We match this information up with spinal x-rays that are taken on-site. These x-rays are taken with you standing up so that we can see what your spine does when your brain tells it to point forward against gravity.
  • This exam is performed every time we see you.  Often, with an adult spine, we end up doing similar things to you for the first few visits. Despite this we keep checking your spine because sometimes things change in ways we were not expecting.
  • Ongoing exam and evaluation is our real point of difference to make sure we put the right force in the right place at the right time.

Gonstead appointment Part 2: Your Gonstead adjustment

Depending on your chiropractor, your spine issues and your personal preference, the Gonstead technique may be applied in different ways.  We may use equipment like a “knee-chest table”, “high-low table” and “pelvic bench”. All of these are just different pieces of furniture to deliver the most specific, effective and comfortable adjustment to your spine.

All adjustments are done by hand.  The hand is placed on the affected area of the spine and a force is driven through the joint by the chiropractor.  This is done in the most physiologically perfect direction to bring about the biggest changes.  The changes we are trying to make are to your brain.  We are showing the brain that the restricted joint can move so that your brain will start to use it more and more. This does require some repetition but changes are often felt fairly quickly.

Very often, there is a “crack” or “pop” coming from your joint during the adjustment.  This is a side effect rather than the goal.  It is simply the joint surfaces separating momentarily which reduces the pressure in the joint pulling some gases out of solution.  Some people love it, some hate it.  This sound seldom happens in older or significantly degenerated spines.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

We can adapt the Gonstead technique to help almost anyone – old and young, big and small. We have had babies only days old through to an old guy who was 103 at Belmont Chiropractic.  We also have amputees and people recently getting breast implants receive Gonstead chiropractic safely in the office.  Our technique can be modified for almost any situation your in.

If you’ve had chiropractic care before without success, or if you’re looking for a way to make your life better than it is, this could be the difference you are looking for.

Give us a call or book online and see how Gonstead chiropractic can help you.

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