Cool word, huh?

This word describes an approach focusing on the factors that support health rather than the factors that cause disease.  It could be termed a “salutogenic model.”  This better describes the lens through which I view the world of health rather than the medical model many of us learned as we grew up.

Under a salutogenic model, I would drink a glass of water because my body requires adequate hydration to function normally.  Under a medical model, I would drink water to prevent dehydration which is a major risk factor for heart failure.  Same action, different intention.

As a Chiropractor, I remove interference from the spine and nervous system as a 100% brain body connection is needed to be healthy.  It is irrelevant as to what their diagnosed condition may be or what symptoms they have.  The primary indicator I need to address is interference to the nervous system.

Some of the people I see have gotten into such a mess that their spine hurts and feels yuck.  They urgently want me to make their “ouchy” go away.  I would too if I had a big “ouchy.” My intention remains the same – detect and remove interference from the nervous system.

This is similar to the model under which dentists practice.  Most dentists will recommend that you check back in at some point in the future irrespective of how your teeth are feeling. The frequency of this checkup dependent upon the condition of your teeth, your lifestyle, and your values.  A decent dentist would never suggest you “come back if your teeth hurt some more.” A bit like us weird chiropractors huh?