What is Spondylolisthesis

Category: General Health

Written by Arron

Spondylolisthesis, also called Pars defect, is a displacement that affects L5 or fifth lumbar vertebrae which is the lowest vertebrae of your spine. This problem allows the fifth lumbar vertebra to move away from the sacrum which it sits upon. This doesn’t necessarily cause any symptoms and is present in around 3-6% of the population. Standing x-ray of the spine, just like the ones we take in the office, are the best way to identify a “spondy.” Belmont Chiropractic is known for treating people with significant lower back pain and such people often visit the practitioners here before knowing the are the unlucky owners of a “spondy.”

How to treat spondylolisthesis?

We cant fix it.  We can manage it effectively allowing you to live a pretty normal life. We keep the biomechanics of the pelvis as normal as possible so that the fifth lumbar joint complex does not have to compensate for them.

How to stop it from recurring?

Do plenty of walking and have some decent tension through your abdominal muscles.  Avoid doing things like vacuuming, sweeping or anything that forcibly twists your torso, etc. as these movements often flare things up.

We have achieved great results in folk suffering from spondylolisthesis at Belmont Chiropractic.

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