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Written by Arron

All parents want what’s best for their children and do everything to keep them happy and healthy.

We’re here to clear up some misconceptions about chiropractic care in children and demonstrate that the Gonstead Chiropractic is healthy, safe, and beneficial for people of all ages.


Our method for chiropractic care on babies and children

With the embedded video in this post you can see exactly how gentle and systematic our process is when checking and potentially adjusting kids and babies. We don’t force anything. We don’t wrench anything out of place. At all times we work with respect to the child’s natural neuro-musculature structure.

The Victorian State Government conducted an inquest into chiropractic care for children under 12 in 2019.  The public response was the largest in history with over 22,000 people responding.  98% of parents/guardians from this inquest stated that chiropractic care helped their child. 99.7 had a positive experience!  These are amazing stats.

Safety is a concern for parents regarding any kind of care or treatment for their child. Safety was the main driver for the inquest into chiropractic by the Victorian Government.  This inquest was sparked by a video of a Queensland chiropractor holding a baby upside down which found its way to social media.  Whilst this was inappropriate, silly and unnecessary, it is not unsafe. There has never been an insurance claim against any chiropractor in Australia for the care of babies or children under 12.

The medical treatment options for children are the same as in adults. Drugs, surgery or radiation. We believe that the addition of chemicals or electrons or the removal or alteration of body parts should only be entertained after all other possible interventions have been explored.  Within the spine is the system that runs and controls all the other systems in the body – the central nervous system.  Keep the spine that protects this controlling system working effectivly and without interference is what we do.

You can relax, knowing your loved ones are in safe hands with the team at Belmont Chiropractic.

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