How stress negatively affects your health

Category: General Health

Written by Adele Baljeu

Stress is everywhere and it affects us all. You may notice the signs of stress during busy times at work, dealing with a challenging relationship, trouble with the bank or managing any difficult task. Too much stress can wear you down and make you sick, both physically and mentally.


You may not immediately realise the signs of stress affecting your health. Stress not only affects your body, but your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour as well. When we think of emotional stress, we are talking about work pressures, deadlines, relationships, financial stress, or just bad traffic. Anything really that makes the heart rate go up and adrenaline pump around our bodies.

Basically, this stress response was originally designed to get us out of a temporary dangerous situation like running away from a cranky kangaroo. During this temporary situation, it would be dumb for our bodies to digest the food that we just ate or to make babies. In the current fast-paced world it common for people to spend a lot of time in a stressed-out mindset.

If we’re constantly having a stressful fight-or-flight response, our stress levels remain high all the time. That’s when we start to get problems like constipation, being tired, fertility issues, and menstrual problems just to name a few.

Do you need to de-stress? Are you feeling like you’ve fed up with fight-or-flight? Come in and talk to us at Belmont Chiropractic and determine the best way to get your body working in an optimal way.

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