How to use the Complete Sleeprrr pillow

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Written by Arron

We have been selling the Complete Sleeprrr pillow at Belmont Chiropractic for over a decade.  It is very cheap for the quality, long-lasting and able to be customised making it perfect for the majority of body types.

One of our patients had some ongoing pain between her shoulders and she got much relief when we suggested her to reduce the height of her pillow. People who use a pillow that’s too tall can end up sleeping all night with the head forward in case of a back sleeper or if someone is lying on the side, their head will be smudged up due to the pillows height. A pillow that is too tall is going to put strain and tension through your neck and back whilst you are supposed to be recharging with a great nights sleep.

If we look into human history, most people haven’t had a pillow or a bed. A pillow can be regarded as an orthotic device as it artificially pushes our neck and spine into a neutral position. If you have an amazing neck, you probably don’t even need a pillow and you could sleep on your front quite comfortably and healthily. Front sleeping causes most people problems but for others, it’s great.

The pillow that we offer supports your neck in the most neutral way that it can and you can customise its height and density which makes it really good. It comes with two sides to sleep on: a fat side and a thin side. If someone has huge shoulders, he should use the fat side whereas someone with less broad structure should sleep on the thin side. There is the noodle-like foam inside the pillow which can be taken out to soften the feel of the pillow.

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