Do we practice the same stuff as other Gonstead chiropractors? (eg Dr Rahim & Dr Ian)

Written by Arron

Gonstead Chiropractic treatment has gone viral. The Facebook and YouTube videos of Melbourne-based Gonstead Chiropractor Dr Ian Rossborough and Dr Rahim of the USA have clocked up millions of views showing the world the possibilities of the Gonstead Chiropractic.

This can be a double-edged sword. We often get people coming into the Belmont Chiropractic clinic seeking similar miraculous results. While this is fantastic, and appreciated, these popular videos are edited in a way to not really cover off the regular appointments and weeks or sometimes months of treatment that are behind lasting positive change in patients.

In other words, we need to set expectations accordingly.

Some people get phenomenal results quite quickly. Others see a more gradual improvement over months of regular treatment.

The cool stuff shown in the videos is quite accurate to what we do and practice.


But it’s important to recognise the difference between relief and recovery.

After the initial treatment, people notice the reduction in the pain and their lower back or headache feels better, they feel more mobile and alive. This is relief, the cool dramatic stuff that’s shown so effectively in the viral video footage.

The problem is that as soon as patients hit the point of relief, many of them stop visiting us and disappear thinking they are entirely cured.

Recovery is a little less glamorous. It requires time and some repetition as well. It’s the ongoing treatment that doesn’t have videos that are quite as flashy, but it creates lasting change. It’s how people improve the quality of their life in a long term way.

Of course those who got some relief before but stopped visiting, we always welcome them back with open arms and present them with their options again.

We do the same chiropractic that you have seen Dr. Ian and Dr. Rahim both do, but we want to help set expectations that this is not instantaneous and magical, but rather systematic and effective Gonstead chiropractic.

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