Improving shoulder mobility

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Written by Arron

Tight shoulders can cause an entire bunch of issues to your body. Some simple exercises to your regular routine will greatly help in improving the range of motion of your shoulders.

Functional shoulder mobility exercises

The purpose of the exercise in the video is to improve shoulder mobility through ongoing exercises – a little bit of effort every day. We are not just talking about stretches, we are talking about a functional movement that requires time. 

Shoulder mobility exercise steps:

  • Stand up straight with good posture
  • Hold your arms out straight, gripping onto a stick or a dowel
  • The movement is slow and controlled
  • As you get better, you can bring your hands closer and/or add small amounts of weight.

This is what you can do to keep your shoulders and arms mobile, increasing the range of motion within your shoulders.

View the video to see an example:



Beginners need a wide grip as this makes it easier.  Do this action slowly, up and over, trying to keep the rest of the body relatively still with your head and a good posture. Ride your shoulders at the back, that’s what important to do to move all the joints of your shoulder completely.

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