The job of the Gonstead Chiropractor

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Written by Arron

This is the post dedicated to those people who have just started off with the chiropractic stuff. We’ll try to explain most of the things so it might make a bit more sense to you.


When brains misbehave

Spines can ‘glitch’. Maybe you stepped awkwardly off a curb, or you got injured at sport. Perhaps you had gastro, or simply turned in a sudden way your body wasn’t quite ready for. When your spine glitches like this, your body can become unable to get a certain joint in your spine to start moving properly again on its own.

Your body loses its ability to self-correct your muscles splint, seizing up around this joint in an effort to protect it. This leads to limited joint mobility and often pain.

The job of a Gonstead Chiropractor

Our job is to push some force into those joints that aren’t moving in the direction that they require. This is to show your brain that the motion is available.

We help create and reinforce neuron pathways in your brain through a systematic process that helps your body realise its full range of motion.

Our interface with your neurological system is mechanical. We go into your brain and change it with the help of the mechanics of your spine. Through repetition, your brains pathways can become more fixed on the full range of motion available to you, leading to lasting change.

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