Why “ringdingers” are not practiced at Belmont Chiropractic

Category: General Health

Written by Arron

A ringdinger is a type of spinal manipulation in which axial traction is done to the spine in order to release the joints in the upper part of the neck. 

For those unaware of this practice, it has been seen popularised by some chiropractors on youtube over recent time. 

The many compilation videos involve the chiropractor using a towel wrapped around the base of the head in a sudden snapping motion on the patient to effectively “gap” their head and neck in such a way that it generates a loud “POP“.

For some reason, there are people who are looking to get this done to them.


The practitioners at Belmont Chiropractic practice a specific form of chiropractic treatment which doesn’t use ringdinger style manipulations. Most of us have suffered from a sore neck or a headache when we felt like we wanted someone to “just pull our head off.”  The good news is, we dont have to do that.  We use care, analysis, and biomechanic knowledge to apply the exact right amount of force to your spine in order to achieve medical benefits.

DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, said that chiropractic is nothing if its not specific. In the Gonstead method of chiropractic, we keep things as specific as we can.

It makes for less dramatic videos but, in our opinion, makes for much more effective care for our valued clients.

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