When is a pinched nerve not a pinched nerve?

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Written by Arron

It is a common scene. One of our patients that came into our office with pain in the lower part of her neck. She felt she was suffering from a pinched nerve.

After some investigation we could tell that instead of it being a pinched nerve, it was basically a joint not moving properly. This can create some inflammation, which leads to your muscles compensating by bracing and forming “knots”. Ultimately, it starts hurting and feels horrible – leading to the kind of pain most people think of it as being a pinched nerve.

A joint that isn’t moving becomes less healthy.

The discs within our spine do not have a direct blood supply.  The get their nutrition in and their waste out by moving.  Whilst they cant slip anywhere, when they are unable to move properly, they begin to break down or degenerate.  Often we will see an xray with 5 vertebra in a row that all look 42 years old and one of them looking in its 60s! This is not old age as they were all born on the same day.  This is degerative change.  The disc of the 60+ looking joint has been unable to move properly for years and has now broken down.

If we don’t try and restore the joint’s biomechanics, that pain will potentially never resolve on its own.

If this is something you believe you could be suffering from, book in with Belmont Chiropractic.


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