What to expect after your first chiropractic adjustment

Written by Adele Baljeu

We understand that it’s not an easy task to pick a healthcare provider and we at Belmont Chiropractic truly feel grateful that you have chosen us for this purpose. In this article, we’ll be covering the important things that you can expect after receiving your first chiropractic adjustment.

What to expect:

Here at Belmont Chiropractic, most people start off getting chiropractic care as they experience some sort of pain or symptom. As people go through chiropractic care, the body starts to change and adapt, regaining proper function and motion and enabling you to adapt better to your environment.

The first thing that you could start to see is a huge amount of relief with the symptoms that you are currently having. You’ll notice that you are able to move better and play with your kids. Whatever it is that you want to do, it all becomes easier.

Each visit is based upon the previous one and after your first visit, there is a potential for you to feel some soreness around areas that we have just worked on like going to the gym for the first time. Around 6th-8th visit, you’ll start to see that we have made those joints moving again properly that were really stuck before.

Throughout the care, you’ll start to see some changes in your body like using the muscles that weren’t working properly before. Quite possibly, you may feel disoriented, lightheaded, or some dizziness as we change your brain’s 3D map of what’s happening in your body. Also, some pops and clicks in your spine can be felt as your body has to readjust to what we have just changed. We encourage you to share with us any changes in your body that you feel on your next visit.

If you know anybody else that would benefit from chiropractic or you want to have a check-up, tell your family and friends about us. We look forward to seeing how we can get you back to functioning at the best possible level and enjoying all the things that you love in life.

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